The design of energy facilities (photovoltaic power plant, boiler houses, heat pumps, etc.)

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The company carries out work on the development of design and estimate documentation for various facilities and systems in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency:

- design of facilities and systems in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency (photovoltaic plants, autonomous and networked solar power plants; ground-based solar power plants, as well as located on the roofs of industrial enterprises and buildings)

- design of boiler facilities of the heat and power complex, heat supply systems, steam supply, water supply, gas supply;

- design of heat pumps in systems that support heating and cooling of industrial facilities, buildings, individual premises;

- design of solar collectors for water heating and support of heating systems, which can be used both at industrial facilities and at civil facilities.

A full range of design works: feasibility study, engineering surveys, preparation of preliminary and working projects of solar power plants, as well as the development of specialized design solutions for individual technical tasks.

газопровод Осташковичи-БГПЗ Нефтехимпроект


Design of hazardous production facilities of the chemical, petrochemical and gas industries
Modern technologies in design.

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