BIM modeling of industrial and civil facilities

Modern design methods

Modern construction is a high-tech process that requires the use of new approaches in the development of project documentation and process management methods at each stage of work.

Building Information Modeling is a three-dimensional model of an object that is designed as a whole. Changing any parameter entails the adjustment of the remaining parameters and objects associated with it, drawings, statements and specifications.

The result of a BIM model can be a digital twin of an object - a virtual analogue of a real object. The information model (BIM model) is a necessary stage preceding the creation of a digital twin.

Using BIM in design

The BIM model of the object is a full-fledged database about the object, having high accuracy and detail, taking into account all geometric and informational characteristics

BIM проектирование Нефтехимпроект - инженерные сети

Features of the object visualizing

Full visualization down to the textures of materials makes it possible to evaluate the object comprehensively. Visualization using VR glasses allows you to fully immerse yourself in the object

Визуализация BIM объекта с помощью VR очков

BIM in construction and operation

The creation of a "digital twin" will allow you to monitor and plan the progress of construction. At the operational stage - to simulate various situations and simulate technological processes

BIM для строительства и эксплуатации

Advantages of using BIM and digital twin

  1. Remote review of the model, making suggestions and comments during the development process
  2. Tracking the actual amount of work performed and materials spent
  3. Availability of complete information about all elements of the object
  4. Assessment of ongoing changes at the facility
  5. The ability to maintain the current state during operation
  6. Analysis and modeling of upcoming works (reconstruction, repair, modernization)
  7. Simulation of technological processes, operations and modeling of emergency situations

An integrated approach to design using a BIM model allows you to bring the project closer to the exact analogue of a real object. Each change in the project, the introduction of information into the model will be displayed in the necessary statements, specifications, lists of collisions.. 

The accuracy of the calculated materials and volumes will minimize the error in construction costs.

The information model includes a full complex of buildings and structures, a digital terrain model and elements of the main plan, allowing you to get a visual picture of the real object in a single information field.

The information model allows you to visually assess the placement of equipment, engineering communications, and make a rational, balanced decision even at the stage of interim approvals.

The BIM model contains perpetual up-to-date information about hidden underground structures and will become the basis for subsequent work (operation, reconstruction, demolition).


Design of hazardous production facilities of the chemical, petrochemical and gas industries
Modern technologies in design.

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