BIM supervision


A new format of construction control - BIM SUPERVISION!

Based on innovative technology

The BRIO Mixed Reality System platform visualizes objects of the digital world, embedding them in a real physical environment without spatial disturbances. BRIO MRS provides tools for working with digital models of buildings and engineering systems, directly on the construction site in real time. Allows you to more effectively manage the processes of design, construction, operation and liquidation of facilities at all stages of the life cycle. BRIO MRS combines innovative technologies:

  • BIM technologies
  • Mixed reality
  • Precise positioning
Используйте BIM на строительной площадке

Use BIM on the construction area

Как происходит визуализация

How the BIM model is visualized. Communications at the construction site

Проведение план-фактного анализа на объекте

Conducting a plan-fact analysis at the facility

The technology is patented. Allows you to make a BIM model in nature and compare the project with its physical implementation.
BRIO MRS is a specialized device (device) and software

Basic functionality

  • Brings BIM to the construction area
  • Connects office and construction area
  • Prevents or detects violations
  • Allows you to plan, build and control based on a BIM model
  • Accelerates document flow
  • Supports the implementation of 4D/5D graphs
  • Automatic generation of reports
The solution is intended for use at all stages of construction, operation, reconstruction and re-equipment. The solution is aimed at meeting deadlines and improving the quality of the facility:
Participant of the construction project Implemented The prospects
For the developer and the owner of the project 
  • Improving the efficiency of investments made in TIM;
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Object quality
  • For all participants - build on BIM;
  • Improving the efficiency of building and equipment operation processes
For the general contractor
  • Prevention of violations
  • Prompt detection of violations
  • Subcontractors' control
  • Operational planning and control of work
  • Automation of the process of acceptance and closing of volumes with the preparation of acts
  • Build according to the information model, marking installation according to the information model
  • The possibility and optimization of the process of preparing digital executive documentation
  • Space scanning without additional equipment
For the technical customer
  • Prompt detection of violations
  • Optimization of the process of working with violations
For the general designer
  • Optimization of the project compliance control process

Shortening of terms

15-30% reduction of deadlines and minimization of risks of exceeding them

Budget savings

5-10% budget savings on the installation of engineering networks


  • Operational decision-making during construction
  • Elimination of collisions and repartitions
  • Compliance with deadlines
  • Quality of the facility and executive documentation
  • The synergetic effect of the implementation of BIM

We offer:

  • implementation of the BRIO MRS platform (equipment, software, training and implementation)
  • BIM-construction control (service) and verification of actual installation for compliance with design solutions with the provision of a report
  • quality control of the executive information model


Design of hazardous production facilities of the chemical, petrochemical and gas industries
Modern technologies in design.

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