Modern approaches in design

The state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" offers a full range of works on the design of industrial and civil facilities using BIM technologies: from 3D laser scanning during geodetic and survey work to the development of an information model, a digital twin and an operational model.

The BIM model is a full-fledged database about the object, having high accuracy and detail, taking into account all geometric and informational characteristics.

You can immerse yourself in a three-dimensional digital model of the projected objects using virtual reality technologies (VR technologies).

For the customer, the improvement of the economic effect is obtained at the stage of formation of the operational model, as well as at the stage of construction control - BIM supervision.
Digitalization of design is the creation of a three-dimensional model of an object that precedes the creation of a digital double
Laser scanning of the object and subsequent processing of the "point cloud" allows you to form a three-dimensional model of the object, on the basis of which you can create a BIM model
Author's supervision of construction based on the BRIO MRS platform, which visualizes objects of the digital world, embedding them in a real physical environment


Design of hazardous production facilities of the chemical, petrochemical and gas industries
Modern technologies in design.

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