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Creating an executive digital model of a real object

Creating an executive digital model of a real object

Digitalization of operational enterprises is becoming an objective necessity to maximize the benefits of BIM development.

BIM modeling technology in design usually ends with the creation of an integrated project model and, based on it, a package of working drawings. Often, the life cycle of a BIM project stops there. However, drawings an

Scanning of complex industrial facilities

Scanning of complex industrial facilities

Currently, it is quite difficult to do without laser scanning at industrial facilities when performing engineering measurements or performing executive surveys. This is due to the presence of a large number of different pipelines, metal structures, technological equipment, other parts and communications at the facility.

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Aerial laser scanning

Aerial laser scanning

Aerial laser scanning is the fastest, most reliable, and sometimes the only method of collecting data on a real surface, including in hard-to-reach areas and territories covered with forests. Aerial laser scanning allows you to obtain data on the shape, location and reflective characteristics of the objects under study.

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participation in the UzStroyExpo exhibition in Tashkent city, Uzbekistan


Representatives of the state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" and the Capital Construction Department of the central office of RUE "Production Association "Belorusneft... >>>

Participation in an International seminar on unmanned technologies


With the support of the Center for Industrial Unmanned Solutions "COPTER.BY "and the Faculty of Geography and Geoinformatics of the... >>>

Development of qualifications as an important component of digitalization


On October 07, 2022, representatives of the state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" took part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Current... >>>

Virtuality in the real world


For the first time in the Republic of Belarus, a comparison of a real object with its digital model was... >>>

A new stage in technical and author supervision


The state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" is committed to the introduction of new technologies and the use of modern approaches in its... >>>

Participation in the International Congress "Transport and Construction"


In Ufa City, the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, on September 18-22, 2022, the International Congress "Transport and Construction... >>>

The project "Energy of Growth" from Belorusneft with the participation of the BIM manager of…


A new media project "Energy of Growth" was launched at Belorusneft in early 2022. In each issue there are interviews... >>>

Presentations at a new level created using AR technologies


The state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" is mastering new technologies and introducing them into daily practice in every area of its activity. To... >>>

Round table "BIM Management and Technology Marketing in international BIM projects"


26.08.2022 representatives of the state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" took part in the Round table "BIM management and technology marketing in international... >>>

Working trip to Open Joint Stock Company "Naftan"


Employees of the state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" visited the flagship of the Belarusian oil industry – Open Joint Stock Company "Naftan... >>>

Virtual meeting with the transfer of the results of the 3D model development to the…


Due to the high level of development of new technologies in the enterprises of Belorusneft – the state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt... >>>

Unprecedented collaboration with the customer on the formation of an asset informational model


Digitalization and three-dimensional modeling of objects begins with design enterprises, but the main benefit from BIM technologies is concentrated in... >>>

A new stage of innovative developments is the creation of scripts for geodesy and geology…


The process of automation in the state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" is actively developing and advancing. At the beginning of June 2022... >>>

The need to learn and the ability to teach – as a sign of the…


The state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" pays great attention to the continuous training of employees. An important factor in this process is... >>>

innovative developments in production activities


Modern design has become so complex that in order to maintain competitiveness in the design work market, it is necessary... >>>

Presentation of the company's achievements at the exhibition TIBO-2022


The state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" presents it's achievements in the field of digital technologies at the XXVIII International Specialized Exhibition TIBO-2022... >>>

Conference of Young Specialists Report Application of laser scanning technology in design and construction

Participation in the XIII Conference of Young Employees of Belorusneft


On May 20, 2022, the XIII conference of young workers of the Belorusneft production association was held in Rechitsa city... >>>

Victory in the competition "For the best achievement in the construction industry of Belarus for…


The state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" has been participating in the annual Republican contest "For the best achievement in the construction industry... >>>

Virtual Tours as a visualization tool for design objects


The state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" tries to make the most of all the possibilities of modern information technologies in its projects. So... >>>

Participation in the architectural and construction exhibition "BUDEXPO-2022"


On March 17, within the framework of the International Architectural and Construction Exhibition "BUDEXPO-2022", a conference dedicated to the topic... >>>

Inspection of underground industrial facilities using 3D laser scanning


Monitoring of industrial facilities is a visual and instrumental examination of the building structures of an object and its current... >>>

3D laser scanning of storage tanks


Specialists of the Department of Engineering and Geodetic surveys of the state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" continue to master the possibilities of... >>>

Meeting about BIM, organized by JSC "Institute "Belgosproekt"


On January 29, 2022 in Minsk, within the walls of the Beton event space, a seminar "Meeting about BIM" was... >>>

3D laser scanning technology in measurement work


The design and construction works in the reconstruction or restoration of industrial, civil and residential facilities are preceded by a... >>>

Participation in the round table of the Belarusian National Technical University on information modeling of…


On January 26, 2022, the Intersectoral Institute of Advanced Training and Retraining of Personnel of the Belarusian National Technical University... >>>

Comprehensive BIM modeling of all design sections of the refueling station No. 41


The specialists of the BIM team of the state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" have developed an information model of refueling station No... >>>

The using of Augmented Reality technology


The company is testing a new technology that combines information modeling technology (BIM) and augmented reality. With the help of... >>>

Three-dimensional analogue of a topographic plan


As part of the BIM design of the object "Reconstruction of refueling station No. 41 in Vasilinka village", employees of... >>>

3D laser scanning technology for practical solution of engineering problems


The Department of Geodetic Surveys of the state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" conducted a 3D laser scanning of a section of a... >>>

Winning the competition "The best construction product of the year 2021"


In the XVIII Republican professional competition "The Best construction product of the Year – 2021", the state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" became... >>>

VIII-th International Industry Conference "The Market of petroleum products and gas of the Republic of…


The State Enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" took part in the International industry Conference "The market of petroleum products and gas of the... >>>

Participation in the International Specialized Construction Exhibition "Budpragres-2021"


On September 14-17, 2021, the 28th International Specialized Construction Exhibition "Budpragres-2021" is being held with the support of the Ministry... >>>

3D laser scanning of a refueling station


The 3D laser scanning of the reconstruction object with subsequent processing of the obtained materials carried out in June 2021... >>>

3D laser scanning of a petroleum products storage warehouse


Specialists of the geodetic survey department of the State Enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproject" performed 3D-laser scanning the storage warehouse of petroleum products... >>>

Gas station project using BIM technologies


One of the projects developed at the state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproject" with the use of building information modeling (BIM) technologies is... >>>

Victory in the competition "For the best achievement in the construction industry of the Republic…


The state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimprоject" was recognized as the winner in the annual republican competition "For the best achievement in the... >>>

Purchase of virtual reality glasses


The state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproject" purchased and tested a virtual reality system in order to develop informatization. VR system allows specialists and customers... >>>

Practical seminar with colleagues from Joint Stock Company "MOZYR OIL REFINERY"


On 28.01.2021, a practical seminar was held with representatives of Joint Stock Company "MOZYR OIL REFINERY", the Administrative Divisions of... >>>


Design of hazardous production facilities of the chemical, petrochemical and gas industries
Modern technologies in design.

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