3D laser scanning of industrial and civil objects

Our capabilities

The state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" offers a full range of works on the design of industrial and civil facilities using BIM technologies: from 3D laser scanning during engineering and geodetic and survey work to the development of an information model, a digital twin and an operational model.

If the result is important to you, if you need complete information about the object under construction, reconstructed or built, we are ready to become your reliable partner and implement the tasks set.

Laser scanning

A 3D laser scanner is a device that, making up to a million measurements per second, represents objects as a set of points with spatial coordinates

Processing of the "point cloud" 

The resulting data array, called the "point cloud", must be processed for further use: cleaning, stitching (registration), binding and unloading (export) to the desired format

Scan results

Based on the processed "point cloud", a three-dimensional model of the object is formed, on the basis of which a BIM model and a digital twin can be created

List of works using a 3D laser scanning system

  1. Performing high-precision photography of territories, sites for new construction, reconstruction or modernization of objects based on 3D laser scanning
  2. 3D laser scanning of the territory of industrial enterprises
  3. Measurement of the volume of earth masses (excavation/ embankment) during construction
  4. 3D laser scanning of technological equipment for outdoor and indoor placement
  5. Remote 3D laser scanning of hard-to-reach (dangerous) structures and equipment
  6. Drawing up a tax plan for the accounting of trees and shrubs using 3D laser scanning
  7. 3D laser scanning of isolated rooms, rooms, workshops
  8. Point cloud processing, cleaning, stitching (registration), binding and uploading (exporting) the results to the required format
  9. Creating a 2D plan of an object with a coordinate reference
  10. Inspection of buildings and structures using 3D laser scanning
  11. Creating a highly detailed survey of structural elements
  12. Performing measurement work, measurements (measurements) of elements on a point cloud
  13. Determination of changes, defects and deformations relative to a previously performed survey
  14. 3D laser scanning of cultural and historical objects, fixation of archaeological material.

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Our competencies in the field of digital technologies are confirmed by the quality management system of STB ISO 9001-2015, the health and safety management system in professional activities in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 45001-2020 by awarding the diploma of the laureate of the competition "For the best achievement in the construction industry of the Republic of Belarus for 2019", the diploma of the winner of the competition "Best Construction Product-2020", in the nomination "Best digital solutions, technologies, projects in design and construction".


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