Energy saving with the help of reverse cycle absorption plants, which ultimately falls on the cost of production

Improving the energy efficiency of production

In order to reduce the cost of production and increase the competitiveness of industrial enterprises of the Republic of Belarus in the domestic and foreign markets, the state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" develops innovative energy-saving measures in the field of heat supply and heat use.

Absorption lithium bromide heat pumps;

Absorption lithium bromide refrigerating machines.


The state enterprise "Belorusneft-Neftehimproekt" performs a preliminary assessment of the technical feasibility and economic feasibility of implementing energy-saving measures free of charge, assessing the energy-saving and economic effect of the implementation.

The economic complex of Belarus is characterized by the structure of energy consumption, in which the thermal component dominates: its share on average in industry is about 77% against 22.7% of the share of electricity. This is especially true for the petrochemical, chemical, food, pulp and paper and other industries where heat technology dominates. In the vast majority of cases, heat technologies are accompanied by the release of secondary heat flows, among which the main part (about 30%) is low-temperature heat flows, with temperatures up to 50°C, usually emitted into the environment.

The main vector of energy saving is aimed at returning the energy of thermal emissions, including low-temperature ones, to the commercial turnover of the enterprise to provide technological and utility consumers with thermal energy and cold using absorption heat converters. Such measures provide the maximum energy-saving and economic effect, which can reach 40% of the company's costs for heat supply. 

Absorption heat converters have been tested and have proven themselves well both in world practice and at Belarusian enterprises. They are distinguished by high reliability and low noise, absence of vibration, environmental cleanliness and safety, which does not require registration of installations in the relevant authorities, low maintenance costs, automation of work of any degree, long durability (up to 60 years).

Reliable, economical and environmentally friendly heating and cooling technology with waste heat utilization, which does not require electricity costs

  • A high degree of automation and the ability to monitor the parameters of work on the Internet.
  • Low consumption of electrical energy.
  • Environmental cleanliness, safety, noiselessness and no vibration during operation.
  • A wide range of available energy resources, including secondary (all types of waste heat): steam, hot water from cooling systems, exhaust gases, as well as natural gas, diesel fuel.
Абсорбционные бромисто-литиевые тепловые насосы (АБТН)

Absorption lithium bromide heat pumps

It is a continuous-acting device designed to transfer heat from a source with a lower temperature to a source with a higher temperature and uses cheaper thermal (hot water, steam, exhaust gases and natural gas) to drive instead of more valuable electrical energy.

Абсорбционные бромисто-литиевые холодильные машины (АБХМ)

Absorption lithium bromide refrigerating machines

A refrigeration unit powered by thermal energy, not electricity. The source of thermal energy can be hot water, exhaust gases, steam, natural gas and other fuels. Allows you to solve two problems: to provide technological and household air conditioning and reduce energy costs.


Design of hazardous production facilities of the chemical, petrochemical and gas industries
Modern technologies in design.

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